Activities on Moreton Island

When you are staying on Moreton Island with us you have access to all the facilities that Castaways has to offer, as well as being situated in the perfect location for access to the Gheebulum Kunungai (Moreton Island) National Park.

On Island Transfers

Castaways offer paid on island 4wd morning and unscheduled  transfer services during business hours. This taxi transfer service allows you to reach Castaways if you don’t have a 4wd or don't want to bring one, which picks you and your luggage up from the Micat ferry when it lands at the Tangalooma Wrecks and drops you back to the Micat for your journey home. 

If you book a morning transfer we will meet the Micat Ferry at 9:30am (depending on ferry time) for your arrival and on your departure day your transfer leaves Castaways at 9:00am and drops you back to the Micat at Tangalooma Wrecks for your journey home. The cost of the return morning transfers is $65 per adult and $20 per child over 2 years old.

For other times outside the morning transfer schedule (unscheduled transfers), we can arrange this service for an additional fee of $10 per adult and an additional $5 per child. Extra charges apply for transfers required outside of business hours.

To book our Moreton Island transfer service  please send us an email with your ferry's departure time from Brisbane and the number of people in your group. So we can ensure your driver is there at the correct time.

4x4 bus moreton island transfers
Bulwer Wrecks Snorkelling

Snorkelling Bulwer Wrecks

At Bulwer, you are at one of the prettiest places on the island (possibly the earth). Even better, you are 100 metres from Castaways to the beach. A  favourite activity is snorkelling the Bulwer wrecks, a smaller version of the Tangalooma wrecks. On a good day you’ll see a harmless wobbegong shark, schools of silver bait fish, angel fish and other reef fish scooting in and out of the shipwreck remnants. On a great day, you’ll snorkel with turtles and the odd ray.

Tip: Bring your own snorkel gear or buy it at Castaways and wait for the turn of the tide for your best snorkelling conditions.


Beach lazing

There’s some lovely shady spots on this white, calm sandy beach from which to pull up a perch with a great book and while away the hours, occasionally raising your gaze to look at the clear ocean and and occasional passing 4WDs.

A must is returning to the beach around sunset as its western-facing aspect turns on spectacular shows, while you look at the horizon and the Brisbane city skyline to your left and the Glass House Mountains' silhouette to your right. Castaways has even built a rudimentary beach bar for your BYO sunset drinks.

Tip: Bring you camera. At dusk you can spot pods of dolphins in the shallows. And the best sunset happens about 10mins after the sun goes down thats when you get the afterglow across the clouds

Bulwer Sunset
Fishing in front of Bulwer

Beach Fishing

You may also wish to bring a handline or small fishing rod and join the fishermen and women along the beach. Castaways also sells affordable fishing rods and fishing gear including bait

Communal Firepit

After dark, bring marshmallows and sit around the Castaways fire pit for some old-fashioned fun.

Firepit Castaways
Champagne Pools Moreton Island


We can provide a couple of 4WD trips from Castaways so that you can get out and see the island

A ½ day  Northern 4x4 Trip which shows the Northern and best highlights of the island including North Point, The Champagne Pool, Cape Moreton Lighthouse with Whale Watching (In season) and Blue Lagoon. (3-4hrs) Costs-$290 for up to 2 guests- $80 for every person after that over 2 yrs.

There is also a Sand Adventure Trip to see The Desert, explore the buried Teewah Coloured sands and go sand tobogganing with boards provided.  (2.5hrs) Costs-$250 for 2 guests-$70 for every person after that over 2 years old.  

You can do this on separate days or they can be combined into one full day trip stopping for picnic lunch on the way (supply your own or organise with us)

Island Transfers and trips (Up to 1 hr one location only)  to Moreton Island Myriad of attractions can also be organised eg Tangalooma, North Point, Blue Lagoon, Lighthouse, Main Creek- (1hr) Costs $85 per person over 2 yrs return.



Equipment Hire

We offer equipment rental 

Beach pushbikes (Wide wheel bikes) 

Single Kayaks and a Double Kayak 

Stand Up Paddle Boards 

The cost per item is as below 

Half Day-$35 

Full Day -$60 

Snorkelling and Fishing equipment can also be purchased at Castaways Store. 

Kayak, SUP or Beach Bike Hire Castaways
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